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La Chapelle Palatine à Palerme


I worked on this documentary about the Story of the Palatine Chapel in Palerm, Italy. This is an extraordinary story about how the norman king Roger II managed to unite the people with this amazing piece of architecture, showcasing art inspired by all the major cultures at that time.


J'ai participé à la création d'animations pour ce documentaire sur la Chapelle Palatine de Palerme en Italie. Une histoire passionnante à l'époque de Roger II le normand qui fit bâtir ce bijou d'architecture, une galerie d'œuvres  qui témoignent de la grandeur et de la volonté de mixité des cultures de l'époque par Roger II.

Directed by Jérôme-Cécil Auffret

Adobe Photoshop

After Effects

Wacom Tablet


This camera movement on the Ceiling of the Palatine Chapel was done in 3D with After Effects using a camera mapping technique of an High-Res Photograph on a 3D volume.

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