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Madame Veuve Point


This well knit promotional video tells the story of Madame Veuve Point and how she managed to pass on her values for excellency in wine making. Using still images and computer graphics, we managed to have those pictures come back to life. 

Produced by Plissken

Client: Madame Veuve Point

Adobe Photoshop

After Effects

Cinema 4D Lite


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Affiche World's fair Saint Louis

To bring those images back to life, I used the camera mapping technique with the help of 3D. To achieve that, I had to model each building we see here in the illustration. With the placement of the camera in the same perspective, the illustration was projected on the 3D mesh like a texture. See visuals below.

village modelling

For the portrait of Madame Veuve Point I used the exact same technique. I used Blender with the sculpt tool to modify a human 3D model from Adobe Fuse CC and matched it with the photograph.

Portrait MAdame Veuve Point avec broche.
portrait modelling
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