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Easter Special: 3D Modeling timelapse in Blender

It's been a while since I posted on the youtube Channel or the blog.

For easter I made this loop, which was a great way for me to test and showcase what I learned since last year in Blender 2.8 Getting more and more into 3D programs is really exciting and I believe it makes me a stronger 2d animator and illustrator as well!

The audio track was designed by Maxime Singer, a super talented sound designer!

In this Youtube video timelapse I share the process of modeling the rabbit. I was still in the process of learning and trying for the animation so I didn't feel like my technique was strong enough yet to share a full tutorial of it. But I could share strong skills in modeling for this one via a timelapse. This definitely gives me more experience and new ideas for simple animations techniques I could share with you in the future.

I hope you enjoy seeing this kind of process. Feel free to like and share on Youtube and Social medias. Use the contact form if you have questions or want to collaborate.


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