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Nominated for best editing on Azalys!

I am so grateful! Among 7 nominations at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival for Azalys, I've been nominated for best editing! I also took part in the creation of the special effects. Here is the trailer of the movie and please, feel free to share as much as you want!

Executive Producer and Production Manager Sébastien Baudier

Written & Directed by Anastasia Ruiz & Arthur Choupin

Cinematography Arthur Choupin

Fashion Design Anastasia Ruiz

Hairstyle & Makeup Camille Gai, Justine Carot, Zi Long

Drone Operator & Underwater Shots Olivier Dessales

Editing Xavier Golfier

VFX Charles Balbont & Xavier Golfier

Color Grading Jimmy Delannoy

Composition & Sound Design Vincent Chambatte & PHAR (Raphaël D’argent)


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