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Process video : Halloween Special

Hello Everybody! In this video I am walking you through my process in the animation of my Halloween loop. I recorded a Timelapse of my process and decided to record a comment to show all the different important stages necessary to nail that look. I tried to go deeper as well on the idea and the concept at the end of the video on how to bring some storytelling in a short animation. This is not quite a Tutorial and that last chapter is more experimental trying to share more insights on the creation principles regardless of the techniques used. Here I mention the idea of contrast in storytelling to add an element of fun and surprise. In that case, the contrast is between Scared and Scary. The Ghost is Scary, but ends up being scared. We can call it as well "L'arroseur arrosé" in a reference to one of the very first joke ever filmed by the Lumières brothers in 1895. This is the element of contrast between what you see and expect with the visual design of the characters and elements of the scene, and what actually happens. And never forget that in animation, there's nearly no limitation to what can happen! 

You can find the After Effects Project files on Gumroad.

You can find me on Dribble, instagram and facebook.

Thank you!


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